Violin Lesson Etiquette

For your child to have the best possible experience in his or her violin class, please review the following guidelines. I expect all children and teenagers to follow these simple rules:


I am ready for the class if…


  • I came 10 minutes in advance 
  • I am wearing the proper outfit (no hoodies, no flip flops)
  • I am wearing my hair pulled back from my face
  • I do not have gum or candy in my mouth
  • I am wearing no jewelry or wristwatch 
  • I have visited restroom (my hands are clean and dry)
  • I have my nails trimmed short
  • I have a pencil and eraser
  • I have my music organized in a binder
  • I am ready to listen, pay attention and enjoy music

Violin Maintenance Rules

  • Choose a light compact and sturdy violin case
  • Store your violin away from heating elements
  • Do not keep your violin anywhere, except the violin case
  • Loosen your bow after each practise session
  • Rosin your bow every day before practicing
  • Wipe the violin surfaces with the dry cloth after each practice
  • Never force a violin case to close – you will damage the instrument
  • Never attempt to adjust or fix the violin – bring it to the violin salon

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