New Violinist Starting Kit

Violin size


If your child is younger than  12-13 and does not yet need a full size violin I suggest renting the violin instead of buying one. Kids grow fast and buying and selling will be stressful and time consuming. Renting is a convenient solution to this problem. Rentals  always include sizing-up options. Quality of the instrument plays a significant role on every level. Choosing a slightly more expensive option will help a lot, especially in the early days of learning the violin.


Violin Rentals:


Violin set-up


Violin playing should be physically pleasant, not a painful experience. To navigate violin hold,  and make it comfortable you need a proper violin set-up. 


  1. Shoulder pad/rest
  2. Chinrest
  3. Chinrest cover (optional)


I prefer shoulder pads, because they give more flexibility, however shoulder rests work well too.

You can purchase a shoulder pad or you can make your own using yoga mat material. 

Cut several pieces of yoga mat 5×2.5 inches. Stack them together so the height is 1.5-2 inches. Glue them together piece by piece. It is done. 


Shoulder Pads:

Belvelin Shoulder Rest   medium size


Shoulder Rest:

Kun Super 4/4 Shoulder Rest fits 4/4 violin

Kun Original 1/4 Violin Shoulder Rest fits ¼ and ⅛ sizes 

Kun Super 1/2 & 3/4 Shoulder Rest  fits ½ and ¾ sizes

Chin rest


A comfortable chin rest is very important for the correct posture. I prefer center mount chin rests with the cup in the center of the violin, right above the tail piece. 


Conrad Gotz 3/4 – 4/4 violin chinrest – Black

Flat Flesch 3/4 – 4/4 Violin Chinrest – Boxwood

Chin rest cover 


The chin rest may irritate skin and feel uncomfortable. A silicon pad or a cotton cover eliminates this problem. Choose from these 3 options.


Chinrest cover cotton cloth

Strad Pad Standard size – Black 

Strad Pad Standard Size – Rosewood 


Rosin helps the bow hair to grip the strings and produce sound. Rosin lasts for very long. Get a very good rosin from the list below.


Pirastro Olive Rosin

Pirastro Tonica Rosin

Pirastro Obligato Rosin

Pirastro Evah Rosin 

Pinky nest 


The pinky nest or pinky house helps a new student to control the little finger on the bow stick.


Pinky house


Music learning


Flash cards help to learn notes and music terms faster and in an engaging way. The folder keeps music sheets organized



Music folder 

 Violin tuning

How to tune violin tutorial


Tuner app