Twice-A-Week Students

For the most tangible and accelerated results I recommend a twice-a-week lesson schedule 


Your child will progress faster and will get an in-depth understanding of music and the violin. We will audition for county-wide youth orchestras such as MCYO, AYPO, and compete to perform at all state orchestras, all county orchestras. The most successful students will be auditioning for highly prestigious music programs such as: Baltimore Symphony Side by Side concert, Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras, and National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute, Philadelphia Inetrnational Music Festival, Heifetz Institute of Music and other internationally recognized contests. 


For students attending twice-a-week I offer:


  • 25% Discounts 
  • Priority in scheduling 
  • Help with applications forr auditions, master-classes, summer programs and competitions.
  • Recommendation letters 
  • Recording sessions 
  • Professional collaborative pianist (compensated separately)
  • Additional performance opportunities
  • Guidance on materials related to music history and theory for comprehensive musical development. 
  • Guidance in purchasing/renting a professional-level instrument,  including an extended free trial period.