My Teaching Philosophy

In my teaching practice, I  use various approaches, depending on the student’s level and needs.

With beginners, I emphasize the physical aspect of fluid and natural violin playing. I work extensively on body control and on the flexibility of muscles and joints. Together with my students, we explore the basics of sound production and simple scales. At this level, I also teach music literacy so that students can effortlessly navigate a music sheet.

 With intermediate students, I build bow stroke “vocabulary” by going over various etudes and exercises. Concert repertoire is included according to the technical preparedness of each student. 

With advanced students, I work on the refinement of sound production, articulation, phrasing, vibrato, and particular features of styles. At every level, I emphasize the basics of posture and flexible hand movement, as it is always beneficial to keep your “arsenal” in good shape. 

I believe that a professional violinist, and violin teacher should love every aspect of the process, including working on the basics. This is why I  am particularly invested in young and teenage students.


The students will exhibit what the teacher invests in them. My students will mirror the skills,  knowledge, and enthusiasm exhibited to them by me. As the students grow, I will help to develop their own artistic voice. I believe that even a basic down-bow should be played with confidence, comfort, and a sense of self-worth. My goal is that students learn the value of musical skills and develop good taste. I hope that playing classical music enriches students’ lives and positively affects others around them.